An adventure in imperfection

A walk in the park?

A walk in the park?

So I’ve been wanting to start this blog for almost two years (I even set it up over a year ago!), why the delay you may well ask? Indeed. It’s something I’ve wrestled with over and over again; I’m a confident, strong, outgoing person, this should be a walk in the park for me…surely? And perhaps that’s where the problem lay. The more I told myself I should be able to do it, the more the fear of not being able to do this rose up. First the fear, then the shame. I felt that The Lord had been leading me to write since an amazing prophetic encounter at Wick Court, down near Bath, and the more I put it off, the more I worried that it had got to the point of disobedience. Then came in the voice of the accuser, that malign voice in my head,

You call yourself faithful? You can’t even do a little thing like this – all kinds of people, all over the world are writing blogs! You’re rebelling against your ‘Lord’, that’s not obedience is it? Mind you, it’s probably just as well, as who would want to read your thoughts, who says you’d be any good as a writer? And if you do wear your heart on your sleeve, and be open and honest about your faith then you’ll face all kinds of criticism and opposition, how would you ever cope with that??!

And so it went on, and on, and on. I tried reasoning with it, and I’d make a decision to write something…but just in my notebook for now, so nobody else could see, then later I’d put it out there – out on the big scary World Wide Web! Somehow, do you know, I could never quite find the time to do that! Procrastination is a cunning enemy to be sure.

Pen and ink painting of Wick Court

Pen and ink painting of Wick Court

So now that I’m here and really doing this, and accepting that it will be an experiment and there will be much imperfection, since everyone loves a list perhaps I should tell you 7 things about myself:

1. So, most importantly, I invited Jesus into my life when I was 10, then wandered away from my church and my faith in my teenage years, only for God’s sense of humour to come into play when I was 22, when he used a very recently reformed atheist to draw me back to Him, oh, and for that brave guy to become my husband!

2. I’m absolutely passionate about people. About making connections with people from all walks of life, all ages, all countries, faiths and so on, even if it’s only a brief conversation on a coach with a man researching his grandfather who fought in the Battle of Gallipoli; or a server behind the counter in a posh bakery desperate to decide what to do with his life and his zoology degree; or a lovely, slightly tipsy, gay guy who was so intrigued/perplexed by my faith; or an elderly lady who had knee-replacement last year, but who wasn’t going to let that stop her clambering all over tall ships; or a beautiful single mum of a 15 year old daughter, who had just been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease and who so graciously allowed me to pray for her to be healed, (and all that was just this weekend!).

3. I also love helping people, helping them to release the untapped potential in their lives, for them to have that fullness of life that Jesus talked about, whether they know him or not. I tend to do that through listening to people, by coaching individuals to find and fulfil their purpose in life, and through learning and development which is my day job.

4. We have a 5 year old son, who when he was 6 months old we said put the boy in boisterous, so he keeps me out of mischief on the two days I don’t do my other ‘day job’!

Parenting: Daddy and son

Parenting: Daddy and son

5. When I considered my interests I realised that I’m quite a creative type of person: I play violin and piano to a fairly decent standard, have been to a couple of drawing courses in the last year or so, and enjoy having a go at creative worship, mostly with paints and canvas (I’m fairly sure, if I’m honest, it’s just my inner big kid coming out!).

Creative Worship: The movement and energy the Holy Spirit

Creative Worship: The movement and energy the Holy Spirit


I really enjoy cooking, again, with all kinds of different world influences, and I have a cupboard full of spices, and my husband would tell anyone who enquired, that I’m creative with recipes and very rarely follow one to the letter!

I’ve started crocheting in the last year as well (my rows tend still to be a bit wonky), having been invited by a school mum to a local ‘hookers’ group – I was intrigued (albeit slightly nervous) from the start!!

First crochet project - ripple baby blanket

First crochet project – ripple baby blanket

6. There’s a big charity called Compassion, which I’m a child advocate for – quite simply they help children, their families and their communities out of poverty. In supporting that charity two of my great loves: children and East Africa have come together (it’s a global charity, but East Africa is a particular part of the world the Lord has really put on my heart since I was a kid). We have three gorgeous sponsored children with Compassion: Samson who is 5 in Kenya, Mercy who is 12 in Uganda, and Joyce who is 16 in Tanzania. We consider them to be part of our wider family, and I would just love to meet them one day!

Precious Kenyan girl praying

Precious Kenyan girl praying

7. On this blog you’ll probably find me writing about any and all of my passions as above. if you’re into Myers-Briggs type profiling, then you may already have realised that I’m an extrovert and feeling kind of a person. So I can’t really help it – I’m a passionate person and all these things overflow from me and are interwoven together in me! And after all I am who I am, and the Bible tells me that, I am (and you are) fearfully and wonderfully made, so who am I to argue?! With this blog I have felt an insistent and persistent prompting to write about how we can partner with the Holy Spirit through every aspect of our lives, like a dance partner, trusting Him to lead us and to create beauty in our lives, hence Dancing in the Spirit and living life to the full.

Beautiful surroundings of Wick Court

Beautiful surroundings of Wick Court

So now you know a little about me, I’m curious to know, what are your passions?

And where are you already experiencing that fullness of life?

Or perhaps, in what area of your life would you like to see more of that fullness?


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