Kenya: The Traills, the Crokers and prayer

Today’s post is mostly about Keith and Anna Traill who are part of our church family at Trinity, Cheltenham, and are living out in Kericho, Kenya as one of our church mission partners. They have been back for a visit over the last month or so. I’ll mention another fabulous Trinity family, the Crokers, and I’d like to tell you about an exciting answer to prayer for the Traills.Anna_Keith_Sunday_School

This is Anna and Keith leading a Sunday school segment
on the trip to Kilgoris, in south-west Kenya that we went on in October 2010

We have a very special partnership, originally set up through Tearfund, with the Anglican Church ofIMG_6205 Kenya diocese there, and with Bishop Jackson (pictured here on the right). (you can find out more about the diocese and the ‘Bish’, as Anna calls him, on their blog!). He is an amazing man of God, with a huge heart and an even bigger vision to bless the people around him!

As ycrokersnotextou will probably know by now, I have a huge heart for Kenya, and as I am the point of contact for mission prayer support for another wonderful family, the Crokers who have just moved out there last month (also to the diocese of Kericho) with their 3 young children.

The Croker Family: Image by Jonathon Watkins (Photoglow Photography)

So it’s no surprise that I have a particular interest in really understanding what the day to day life – both the challenges and the opportunities – is like out there.

I went out on one of our short mission trips to Kilgoris (I’ll post some of the amazing pictures from that trip one day!), one of the three key towns in the diocese, which is further over towards the Maasai Mara, so I have some understanding, particularly of the health concerns (it is a IMG_6865malarious area for one thing); the challenges for the youth workers there particularly regarding education the young people about AIDS/HIV, as well as FGM; the state of the roads (particularly further towards the Mara); but I also have an abiding sense of the beauty of that country and even more importantly of its people. They are so incredibly warm hearted and welcoming; utterly gracious and I can, hand on heart, say that I have made friends for life. I am just waiting for the Lord to give me the nod so that I can visit there again! Pictured to the right is Margaret, who looked after us admirably at Kilgoris!

Anyway, I was thrilled to be able to get along to church one evening a couple of weeks ago to listen the Traills and hear all about what they are up to and for us all to be able to pray for them (if you prefer to watch rather than read, you’ll love this video that Keith and Anna made!).

During the prayers, I had a picture in my mind of a tap being turned full on (the kind you often have in disabled toilets that are really easily moved), and that the Lord would only turn it off when enough had been received for them to be able to get the car which would enable them to get about in a difficult terrain. It was such an encouragement to know that God had promised to fulfill their desire of having this car to be able to get out independently, and to get involved so much more in helping and supporting the communities around them. We know that when the Lord has spoken, that is a creative word that causes it to be, and that that seed has been sown and it is already happening even if you can’t yet see it (if you want to know more about this, then I would thoroughly recommend Ashley Collishaw’s talk from this Sunday just past).

Read on at this blog post: The Traills drive forward! to hear how it turned out with the car…

How about you – what could you really do with prayer for?  Something that your heart longs for so much that you almost don’t dare ask for it? I’d love to be praying for you. Have you had some encouraging, or perhaps unexpected, answers to prayer that you could share? What about Kenya – have you been out to that amazing country? what was it like for you, and can you identify with the challenges and beauty described above?


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