Rest for the weary?

Resting, being still, waiting, being patient…

What do these things have in common? Well…I’m not sure I’m very good at any of them! I can be physically still (unlike my 5 year old son!), but mentally still, wow, that’s another thing entirely…

My mind is always on the go, there’s always something I feel I should be doing, something to tick off the list. Someone recently described a woman’s mind as being like an internet browser with many, many tabs open (have they been peeking over my shoulder??!)…

Years ago in my first job in Human Resources I used to administer a psychometric test that looked at overall personality, and it made the assertion that I didn’t know how to relax, and I was quite outraged at the time – who did this computer program think it was?!  I did plenty of things to relax, lots of interests, lots of friends to socialise with and unwind with…hmm…but really relaxing, sitting and just being rather than doing… Ah. Houston, we have a problem.

And all these years on, I’m far more self aware, I make myself take time out for myself, to go away on retreat, whether on my own, or to have a weekend away with my husband. But…I was challenged by something I heard on UCB radio one morning, about not just taking time out, rather taking ‘time IN’…IN the midst of the day; IN amongst the chores, the tasks and targets; IN amongst the maelstrom of our thoughts; IN the midst of the distractions, the conversations and the people. Time to ‘be still and know that I AM God’.

Me…just being…not switching off mindlessly, but taking hold of my thoughts, quieting them down and controlling them (rather than allowing them to control me perhaps?), making them obedient to Christ.

People say don’t they, that when we’re not hearing from God, it’s not because he’s not speaking to us, just that we’re not listening,we’re not tuned into him or perhaps we just keep talking at him without waiting, giving space for an answer. Or perhaps we don’t want to hear what he’s saying so we dismiss it…? Not that I’d do a thing like that of course ;-).

So, just now I’m sitting in the quiet, no music to soothe the silence, the little boy safely ensconced in bed. I walked past our overgrown lawn earlier and pushed away the thought that on this rare dry day I ought to mow it.
I have pain and sadness in my heart (don’t we all? in one way or another?) that I know I need to bring to Jesus and to surrender it to him; to wait on him, in an actively submitting myself to him and listening to him kind of a way. To trust in him, to set my fears aside, allow him to restore hope and cover me with his incredible love.
I’ll let you know how I get on, awareness after all is the first step!
But those who trust [wait, hope] in the LORD will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)
How do you rest? Do you in fact take time to really rest? Do you practice mindfulness perhaps? Or like me, is your mind whirring continuously from morning til night, until unconsciousness finally says ‘shhhhh’?!

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