Poem: Dancing in the Spirit

My soul
The Holy Spirit
Entwined, in harmony, together.
At times joyous, riotous, exuberant, ebullient!
We’re spinning, swirling, dizzy, laughing, out of control, free.
A wonderful glow emanating…spreading…reaching out to others
With warmth, with love, with hope and peace.
And in the dark times?
He’s still there. Still, comforting, enveloping, uplifting.
I ache; He is with me.
He groans in my pain with me, he holds me.

Throughout the highs and lows He points my gaze to Jesus:
My Saviour, my Redeemer, my King,
My friend, my everything.
In Him, I am washed clean;
A slate made as new,
Ready to be decorated in the rich, wonderful colours of his love,
And the patterns of His purpose for me in this world.


I am blessed to be a blessing.
A joy is planted deep within.
Once, I wondered – will it ever grow, transform from a dry dusty bulb,
Become lush and verdant, even bloom?
And now?
The joy bubbles up, it fills a room!
A laugh that carries – tinkling lightly?
No! A laugh from the depths, that cries out to be joined by other laughter,
Hoots of hilarity; irresistible, contagious joy.

Not ephemeral ‘happiness’, bought with money…
Or things, or promotions, or circumstances,
But coming from deep inside
Where the Spirit dwells within, entwined with my soul.
I am grafted in – He is in me, and I am in Him.
How wonderful to be so close to my Creator.
I am home.

And so I dance, in my heart, in my soul.
I sing out to The Lord
My very being is moved…must move!
In rhythm with Him.
He calls me, and my heart answers.
So through this journey we call life – just Part I –
He walks with me, leads me.
Sometimes I feel Him so close, as though his breath is on my very skin;
Sometimes more distant , more like an echo, or a memory –
But still there, still undeniable,
And still warm,
Always loving.

Would you like to have that sensation of dancing with the Spirit? To feel so in tune with, in step with, Him in your life?

Come explore with me this experiment, this adventure in imperfection…


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